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Tavalised lennukijäljed (contrailid) ei saa muutuda pilvedeks

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Contrails cannot form into clouds

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So, what it boils down to, is that on a clear day, it's very, very unlikely that a contrail would form, let alone persist.
And I've already shown that NASA said it is impossible for clouds to form from contrails.

Background: Military planners have been interested in condensation trail (contrail) forecasts since World War II. Contrails can make any aircraft easy to locate by enemy forces, and no amount of modern stealth technology can hide an aircraft if it leaves a persistent contrail in its wake. In 1953, a scientist named H. Appleman published a chart that can be used to determine when a jet airplane would or would not produce a contrail. For many years, the US Air Force Global Weather Center used a similar chart to make contrail forecasts.

How to find out if they are spraying above your head.
There are parameters for a contrail to form.
The temp must be colder than -38C.
The Humidity level must be above 55%
The warmer it is, the more humidity needed
to form a contrail.
I've made a chart using the Appleman Chart,
and the parameter set by NASA

below 55%, contrails will not form, according to NASA.
above -38C, contrails will not form.

Atmospheric Soundings

... It is obvious, based on the chart from NASA that contrails, let alone persistent contrails, cannot form at above -38C or below 55% relative humidity. If the sky is clear, it is impossible for a contrail to form, let alone persist. If you see a trail in the middle of summer at 5000 feet, just above your head it can only be logically assumed that it is not water vapor. I am sure you are capable of searching YouTube for "chemtrails clear sky" or "chemtrails summer". I am not sure, however, that you understand how to read the Appleman Chart still in use by NASA and the USAF, which predicts no contrails to 98% accuracy. Arguing over and demanding independent chemical analysis is moot when you can use basic known science to come to a clear conclusion. It is now painfully obvious there is a spraying infrastructure in place. They can put whatever they want in it and don't have to answer any questions. Does that not concern you?
Why do our kids need to be taught contrail education here or be subliminally programmed here?

Rohkem tekstilõike / More quotes:

Clouds and contrails are completely different. I covered this in my last post. Clouds form at ground level. They need DIRTY air with lots of sub-micron particles to act as condensation nuclei and high humidity in the range of 60-70%. Unmodified jet exhaust should not contain enough particulate matter to form a cloud and it would be impossible in low-humidity environments where chemtrails are often spotted. Simple enough for you?

"Atmospheric Soundings - on the map, click on the city nearest you, and it will give you the most recent sounding of the atmosphere."
Trouble is, such atmospheric soundings are notoriously unreliable. The barometric ports on the instruments ICE UP, which distorts the readings with the local presence of the solid phase of water which simply won't go away easily. You can't HEAT the port without ruining the function. The ONLY process that works reliably is LASER INTERFEROMETRY which isn't balloon-portable.

Can you explain the tell-tale patterns? X's, extensive grids, side-by-side parallel lines, etc. Continuous lines along the edge of extending overcast haze, as seen in my latest video. Why would the planes be flying along the edges of clouds like that? Why do they ALWAYS fly directly through the little tiny patches of blue in the sky to create a trail that fills the hole? Why are there clouds and overcast made of criss-crossing lines? (again, my latest video). Why would a trail be visibly segmented in a horizontal environment where the conditions are much the same? Why would clouds persist in a web-like fractal haze in open air and not dissipate? Trails are spotted at all altitudes in all temperatures and all humidity levels. What of the tens of thousands of eye-witness accounts, free for you to see on various video sites?

You have brought nothing we haven't already covered. There is far more to it than ice supersaturation (IF normal contrails can even persist longer than the standard 30-120 seconds in those conditions without additional particulate matter acting as condensation nuclei).

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