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NB!! We Are Change Calgary meets David Keith - Chemtrail / Geo-engineering

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On May 24th, 2011 We Are Change Calgary met with David Keith professor of Earth Sciences at University of Calgary, who was featured in the film "What in the World are They Spraying" outlining proposals for aerosol spraying programs that may use alumina particles to reflect the sun to help combat "Global Warming." David Keith has stated he has not seen the film and that he would not want to see it because the producer is biased in his opinion and built the evidence around the conclusion and not the other way around.

The meeting was attended by about 10 We Are Change Calgary members, and David Keith and his Assistants Hollie Roberts and Ashley Mercer (who works on public perception of geo-engineering) . David Keith has always denied that Chemtrail spraying operations are ongoing, while promoting Geo-engineering "proposals". We must remember that in a CFR meeting it was stated that there were Tens of Millions spent on confusing the public about Geo-engineering.

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One of Davids main arguments in the meeting is, if there was a large scale chemtrail program that we would have to know about it. He states the paper trail would simply be too large, and there would be too many employees that would blow the whistle. We know this is simply not true because there have been countless large scale military operations that have been completely secret and confidential.

David Keith claims there is no evidence to even suggest that Chemtrail operations are ongoing, and that "Chemtrails" have been observed since the 1950's. He also claims the aerosol spraying campaigns he is researching would not look like the "Chemtrail" phenomenon. There is tons of evidence to support the Chemtrail "Theory" but he claims everything he gets sent as evidence is laughable and cannot be taken seriously.

The group is going to be meeting with David again, this time with some solid evidence. He stated in the meeting that if these chemtrail programs were ongoing and we could prove it to him, he would dedicate his life to exposing it. Hopefully at the next meeting David takes the proof presented and actually researches it instead of calling it a crazy conspiracy theory. To have David Keith working against Chemtrails would be a huge breakthrough in this issue.

I would like to thank David Keith, Ashley Mercer and Hollie Robers for taking the time to meet with We Are Change Calgary. I would also like to thank Michelle and Denise for setting up the meeting, and every member of We Are Change that showed up to the meeting. Special thanks goes to Michelle Robinson for recording the meeting on camera.

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  1. "There is tons of evidence to support the Chemtrail "Theory"".

    Really? Could someone, like Don Hayes, post a link to some of this, or describe it?

  2. the leadership of "We are change" movement is now usurped by young pro-zionist jews, alex jones fanatics, thus movement looses its credibility...

    We have two lithuanian skywatch sites for Kaunas and Vilnius cities and cover not only those but the rest of the country as well, also filled with contributor provided footage.

    Pay us a visit

    Peace out,
    chemtrail skywatchers from Lithuania ;)

  3. I am in the Azores (Pico) and I am only of a very few people who are fully aware of chemtrails, maybe even the only one on the island.

  4. As obvious and superbly visible as chemtrails are, David Keith is a con-scientist and conspirator blowing smoke into your eyes. Imagine coming home and finding David Keith umphing your wife and David Keith immediately begins to tell you that what you just saw him doing was just an act of innocent play, nothing of a concern to you, not to worry, just relax and let him finish. And most of the fools believe him! I knew of chemtrails for the past decade and I suspected something since 1999. And now is 2015.