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Chemtrail spreioperatsioonid näidatuna Doppler Radari poolt

From: robertmacleod | Aug 12, 2010
This video contains a collection of screen captures depicting Chemtrail Spray Operations showing up on National Weather Service Doppler Radar over various cities in the Western US. The video describes in detail why the linear cloud formations are not persistent contrails resulting from jet engine exhaust since cirrus type clouds can not be detected by Doppler Weather Radar. More Detailed analysis can be accessed on my website at http://WatchTheSky.Org

Kommentaarid videole / video comments:

So...if these are "chemtrails" ...and doppler radar depicts "chemtrails"...then why are they not identified everyday? Why only this one screen capture?
Supposedly "chemtrails" are "sprayed" daily all around the world...and if that were the case- according to you- they would be visible daily on radar all around the world.
Do you have any more screen shots of "chemtrails" on radar? or just this one...?
ScoobySnaks1 1 month ago

@ScoobySnaks1 There are about ten different screen captures in the video from various cities and times and dates. The reason you do not see Chemtrails on radar anymore is that in 2006 the NWS downgraded the sensitivity of Doppler Radars. From what I can tell Doppler radar displays from NWS sites now only depict data operating in what is called Precipitation mode and no longer display in Clear Air mode which is much more sensitive. I think they realized Chemtrails were showing up on the Radar.
robertmacleod 1 month ago

Loe rohkem / Read more:

@robert- well then there should be plenty of radar shots of chemtrails dating back to the 90s....where are they? These shots do not match up with any of the satellite images&pictures people take of supposed "chemtrails" Why no grid or "x"s in these shots
Why are there no corresponding pictures of the trails in question to go with the radar images?
It is easy to find persistent contrails on old sat images
Just showing anomalous images on radar&claiming they are "chemtrails" doesn't cut it
ScoobySnaks1 1 month ago

@ScoobySnaks1 I am sure there are plenty of similar Doppler Radar anomalies within the NWS archives. Would you like to help fund my project so I can continue my research? However, I believe I have offered enough empirical evidence in the video to make the case for Chemtrail Spray Operations. It seems most people who have viewed the video understand the facts presented. You seem to be grasping at straws with your insistence on providing data that is not necessary.
robertmacleod 1 month ago

Great video. Very thorough and approached with sound methods. There is one matter which requires delving into a tad more. That has to do with returns directly above WSR-88D sites. As far as I know, the whole national system is networked such that a nearby station can provide returns that are subsequently post-processed and then used to predict a "more-complete" RADAR depiction directly above other sites that cannot "see". Aside from that gap in the presentation, this is all great stuff.
PwaiChung 1 month ago

I believe that you are referring to the national and regional radar mosaics produced by the National Weather Service which include radar data from nearby Doppler radar sites depending on distance and signal strength. The images that are depicted on my video are “real time” Doppler radar images and not national or regional radar mosaics. There are significant technical issues which would preclude detection of persistent contrails by adjacent radars including distance, precip type and elevation.
robertmacleod 1 month ago

One of the patents for "Chemtrails" is:
US Patent #5003186
Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming.
"The method includes the step of seeding the layer of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere with particles of materials characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity. Such materials include Welsbach materials and the oxides of metals which have high emissivity (and thus low reflectivities) in the visible and 8-12 micron infrared wavelength regions." Oxides of metals!!
morgan1890cc 2 months ago

I keep getting conflicting data when-ever - I look into this!
Doppler can't detect cirrus, but it can detect Cumulonimbus and other moisture laden RAIN-CLOUDS.
You have REALLY done your research here, - I will ad-to my favorite's
xlla 2 months ago 2

You are correct. Doppler detects the denser particles of rain or snow within clouds which reflect the radar signals energy back to the Doppler Radar. Thanks for the add !!
robertmacleod 2 months ago

No matter what the gov has its disinfo agents here to try and correct the truth with false truth and spin. Great Video. Older folks like me get it. wathed as these devloped over the years and werent raised with them in our skys. A lot of Americans have become so dense and incapable of true critical thinking
THeScoobyNoob 2 months ago 2

Doppler radar can detect cirrus clouds - do a search for Cloud physics studies with 8 mm wavelength radar.
Sorry dude...busted.
StalinsOrgan 2 months ago

It would appear that you are busted for being a well educated disinformation agent. As you probably already know National Weather Service WSR-88D Doppler Radars use a 10 cm radar wavelength, which is a huge difference from the 8 mm Doppler Radar that you are referring to. These most sensitive radars are used for atmospheric research and are not the standard radars used by the NWS. I will say this again, Operational NWS Doppler Radar detects precipitation not clouds.
robertmacleod 2 months ago

@Alexrs9410 The Doppler Radar images are screen captures collected in real time from the National Weather Service website. The screen captures are rare finds and due to "upgrades " to Doppler Radar systems undertaken by the NWS nationwide in 2006, I seriously doubt that you will ever see Chemtrails showing up on Doppler Radar again. I believe TPTB realized that the Chemtrial spray operations were being exposed on Doppler Radar. Google RSIS NWS Doppler Radar upgrades for details.
robertmacleod 7 months ago

I suppose that it would be useless to discuss the technical aspects of Doppler Weather Radar with you since you seem to think that Doppler Radar can detect water vapor, which it can not. It detects precipitation. It can not detect light snow or ice crystals which is what aircraft contrails condense into in the extremely cold temperatures of the upper atmosphere. If what you claim is true, we should see aircraft contrails on Doppler radar as a daily occurrence over major cities.
robertmacleod 7 months ago

@robertmacleod Actually you are correct but it can't pick up "chemicals either" as particles large enough to be detected wouldn't stay suspended in the air like the trails you are referring to.
MrGopherhead 7 months ago

@MrGopherhead That is not true either. Particulate air pollution is detected by Doppler Weather Radar on a regular basis over major urban areas. Read the NWS Doppler Weather Radar FAQ page for details.
robertmacleod 7 months ago

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