Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plane captured turning off its aerosol Chemtrail sprayer Wexford Ireland, 7.10.2012

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Published on Oct 8, 2012 by dreamingofavalon

Sunday October the 7th 2012 approx 18.10 Plane filmed turning off its aerosol Chemtrail sprayer over Wexford Ireland. Cont...........
Sunday was promised to be a Sunny start and dry but after a bombardment of chemtrails throughout the early hours of Sunday we awoke to a dark and black sky filled with chemtrails. I filmed various stages of the day and we got a break in the HAARP effected cloud cover revealing a matrix of chemtrails and haarp wave clouds above the dark black clouds around 17.30 onwards. At around 18.10 I was filming a plane that flew above me spraying and I noticed that it had switched of its sprayer. I was fortunate enough to capture it on film. The chemtrail remained there into nightfall it was DEFINITELY not a contrail. After getting home and checking I believe this plane is an Air France Cargo, Boeing 777-28F (B77F) Reg number F-GUOB (flight AFR 6736$. The only other plane that was close to that time +2 mins was an El Al Israeli Airlines Boeing 747 but it did not fly over the beach or near to my location it flew 20+ miles south of my location so I am ruling that plane out. Air France Cargo ticks ALL the boxes, time, location and altitude and I will be contacting them to get an explanation of what they were spraying so please sub me and watch this space (along with watching your sky). I am still amazed that there are still some people who are deluded in thinking that chemtrails do not exist. Wake up and look up into the sky and research chemtrails, Geoengineering, HAARP, New World Order, Illuminati, Fluoride, GMO, the list can go on. If after taking time out to research these I am sure you will realise that it is not just toxic poisons that they are dropping out of planes to change the weather. Chemtrails are just one part of a bigger picture, and those who carry it out have a hidden agenda which thankfully is becoming a lot less hidden. The evidence is there for all to see that CHEMTRAILS exists. The problem is that we don't know the full extent of the damage that they are doing and the long term effect these poisons are doing to us and every living thing on this planet. We do know through common sense that if they are permitted to carry on with this Bio chemical warfare against humanity then it will end in untold disaster and shame on them but also shame on us for not doing more and shame on you if you are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to this. If you are turning a blind eye or doubting then Please watch What in the world are they spraying? and I am certain you will get your eyes opened. The question is are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Don't just rubbish things because your teacher or parent or the norm in society has lead you to believe in certain things. Stand up for yourself and be the individual and free thinker that you were created to be. I am not wanting you to just take my word for this but I would like you to do your own research with an open mind. Take the power back from others who are controlling your life. Chemtrails exist and they will always exist if we don't take a collective stand against these faceless deceivers. When the stack of cards fall and they WILL fall, they will have to answer to why they have lied and deceived EVERY nation to their bio-chemical warfare and shame on our Governments who idly stand by knowing that this is taking place. You my friends I hope will be facing them deceivers pointing your finger and your camera rather than standing beside them. TOGETHER we can put an end to this crime against humanity. PLEASE research this and take control of your life, it is YOUR LIFE at stake so look after it. WAKE UP, LOOK UP AND STAND UP. _ _ _

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