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CHEMTRAILS: Cliff Carnicom 2008 / 2009

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Clifford Carnicom at the California Chemtrail Convergence (May 17, 2008, LA), touched on 3 important apects of chemtrails : 1) ionized metalic salts; 2) fibrous materials (Morgellans), and 3) dessicated blood cells. Carnicom only hints at the significance of these three deadly aspects of chemtrails (or aerosol spray), in addition to barium, aluminum etc. This video offers a tightly edited version of Carnicom's 75 minute talk. To purchase the 3-hour DVD from the conference, see ''
SEE ALSO microbiologist Garth Nicolson (snowshoefilms, on youtube) for background into the potential genetic engineering of pathogens that could be easily designed for aerosol spray within dessicated red blood cells. snowshoefilms edit / yoryevrah

Clifford Carnicom. Chemtrails, Aerosols & Morgellons. pt1-10

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September 12th 2009. PDX 9/11 truth conferance. Guest speaker Cliford Carnicom, leading researcher in the "Chemtrail" issue disgusses the latest findings and results conducted from his own research over the past 11 years. By hi own admition his research is low key by comparison, but the results are staggering which leave some serious questioning to be done.

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