Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chemtrails: An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins, Part 1.

Chemtrails: An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins, Part 1.
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri / Feb. 20, 2011

2010 Air Particulates
(This is only a preliminary overview of Arizona air particulates.)
These figures indicate how many times they are over the "allowable" toxic limit:
Aluminum: 15.8
Antimony: 63.3 [This is not a typo]
Arsenic: 418 [This is not a typo]
Barium: 5.3
Cadmium: 6
Chromium: 6.4
Copper: 9
Iron: 43.5 [This is not a typo]
Lead: 15.7
Manganese: 513.8 [This is not a typo]
Nickel: 10.7
Zinc: 7.5

These figures show that there is no air "quality" [a word meaning: excellence or worth]; but instead, there is a combination of hazardous metals permeating the air. These toxins do NOT belong in the air we are breathing. In fact, if precaution were accurately factored in, the "allowable" toxic limit should be ZERO. Due to the extremely high level of Manganese, Arizona Skywatch also includes the following information on this metal:
We are looking at a few metals that are without question harmful to health and environment, such Al [Aluminum] and Ba [Barium]. The third year of air particulate collection and analysis shows lower Al and Ba but still much higher than rated as safe. Manganese [Mn] continues to be extremely high for 2010. The full report for 2010 is not complete, but do not be fooled by the idea that Iron or Mn are harmless --there are defined health impacts with high intake.

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