Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chemtrails in Tallinn, Estonia - night chemclouds (29.06.2010)

Nightime around 1:30-2:00 AM. Strange cloudformation and lines in the sky.
At the same time we found on our fanlight roofwindow abnormal raindrops (there has not been rain a week or more). Photographed them close on the 1, July - they have not gone yet only dried out.
We contacted to Estonian environment control lab ( and asked about the possibilities to find out what elements they consist, but we were told that they could be from the trees and that there is no worry cause they are just making study of 6 week air quality analyses.

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Send your chemtrail video and commentary to PrisonPlanet talkshow host Alex Jones. He is making a chemtrail documentary and needs material from all over the world !

Alex Jones Calling All Activist to Send "Chemtrail Clips" for New Documentary Film
June 03, 2010

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